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Kamigami no Asobi Comic Anthology
Comic anthology front cover
Product Information



Yamamoto Kana
Sumida Moto
Yukihiro Utako



Release Date

March 22, 2014


¥ 750



Book Information






Kamigami no Asobi Comic Anthology is a one volume manga based on the otome game Kamigami no Asobi.


1) The feeling of doing things

The gods help to clean up the classroom, and sample some handmade sushi by Yui.

2) Sweet nightingale

An Apollon story. Yui and Apollon prepare for the school festival skit, but Apollon is suddenly worried about something.

3) By your side

A Hades-centric story. Hades' bad luck threatens Yui's safety, but she comforts him instead.

4) Sunny place

A Tsukito story. Tsukito wants to try practicing a lap pillow with Yui.

5) Hakoniwa Summer dream

A Takeru story. Takeru and Yui are the models for Tsukito's romance novel, Yui feels uncomfortable with Tsukito staring at them, so she avoids Takeru, much to his chagrin.

6) All-character 4koma

A series of short 4koma depicting various events

7) Line of sight

A Balder story. Balder gets rather frisky with Yui in the student council room alone. This event takes place before the Christmas event

8) Joyful prank

Loki tries to pull a prank on Balder with Yui's help, but the plan backfires.

9) Selfish lunch time

Anubis is clearly uncomfortable and jealous when Yui makes lunch for everyone.

10) Moment of fun

Thoth is found reading in the library, and suddenly asks Yui the meaning of love

11) All-character 4koma

Another set of 4koma

12) The gods' sports competition

This event occurs before the sports festival. The gods train themselves in various ways in preparation for the event.

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