Episode 1

Loki first appears as Yui is running down the stairs from the rooftop, almost bumping into each other. He then goes on smirking while playing with a piece of his hair in the front of him, asking if she has seen Balder, which she then says no, as she does not know who Balder is yet. Loki then waves his hand saying see you and runs off, making Yui yell after him to come back, but he does not. Loki appears then again after Balder trips and falls on Yui, putting them in a compromising position. He helps Balder up and glares at Yui for some reason, mostly out of protection for Balder. He then tells Balder he has spotted the Greek gods.

Episode 2

He is with the other gods in the hall listening to Zeus before attempting to attack him, along with Takeru. When Zeus puts the restrainers on the gods, he reacts in shock before leaving with most of the gods. He pulls a prank on Takeru drawing a fish, monocle, moustache, and a beard on his face before running away from the raging god.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

He was shocked to find out that Yui was a human, and he became crueler to her as a result of his hatred for them. He is also shown to be very possessive of Balder, and grew jealous when he realized that Balder had feelings for Yui and tried to drive a wedge between them. However, his cruel attitude towards her only succeeded in pushing Balder away. He then tried to frighten Yui, but instead Yui surprised him by stating that she had always wanted to be his friend and that she hoped that he would try and graduate with them. Afterwards, his dislike for her remained because she was human, but that didn't stop him from trying to protect her from Balder when he began to lose control.

Episode 8

When Balder woke up he asked Loki if he was in love with Yui. Loki blushed at this, emberased, and looked away, denying it. Balder then smiles and says he understands. Then, during the winter festival, when everyone releases lanterns, Loki holds Yui's hand with Balder and smiles, thinking to himself that she just might be special to him too.

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Yui and Apollon find Loki talking to Thor about killing Balder and since Balder is Loki's closest friend he is reluctant to do so. Loki makes a special blade with mistletoe, the only thing that can kill Balder. Loki and Thors limiters break when they are trying to save Balder.

Episode 12

When Yui gives him her sword to save Balder he tells her that he's never liked her. He then smiles and tells her that he's a liar, before kissing her on the forehead.